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Well, Tyler came back. Thanks god for that. I really missed him. My girlfriend met him and she really likes him. Maybe sometime I'll get him to create a livejournal. Yay.

The toaster was talking to me this morning. His name is Robert. He was lonely, but I didn't have time to talk to him so I felt bad. I'll talk to him when I get home from school today.

I'm using a computer at school, and it just told me to suck a fuck. Lol. Apparently it has seen the movie Donnie Darko. Has anyone else seen that movie? It's great. I recommend it highly.

I'm hopefully going to move out soon, so I have to prepare everyone. I'm taking my rats, Spike and Michelle. I know Spike will be fine with it because he loves going places with me. Michelle will probably have an anxiety attack because she doesn't really like change. I already told all my cats. They are going to miss me, and I am going to miss them. Max and Missy will be fine with it, but Binx and especially Skittles are having a hard time with it because I don't think I'll be able to take them. I still have to tell my dog, Mickey, about the move. He'll probably be upset because he loves to wrestle and I'm the only one who will wrestle with him. And he got really sad when my brother moved out. But I will promise him that I will come back to visit as often as I can.

I guess that's all for now. Later peoples. *hugs for everyone*
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